Cambridge and Somerville clients often ask me when is the best time of year to sell their property and when is the best time to buy one. I ask them what they think, and they often say “Spring” for selling and “Winter” for buying. Is that old, outdated information – like putting one’s listing in a real estate magazine with the belief that it will help sell a property – or is it still relevant? It’s appears that many assumptions that were true in past markets changed after 2008 and that they have changed.

Look at the chart. It indicates a trend showing seasonal variation is flattening out over time. It may be related to less inventory overall, the addition of many foreign investors to the market, or simply because people prefer to buy andsell real estate when it’s convenient for them.


What should a savvy buyer or seller do? Make your decisions when it’s convenient for you. Boston is an international city and there’s constant churn of people moving in, out, up, and down.

Do the old rules still apply? Not so much.