Best wishes for a sparkling Labor Day. I hope that your summer has been both relaxing and revitalizing. And that you’re looking forward to a splendid Fall season!

Several friends have asked if I enjoy being a real estate agent and “how it’s been.” (They usually have a concerned look on their face when they ask this question, given the state of the economy). Others have asked if I work as an architect so I can become a real estate agent – or the other way around.

To answer these questions, let me say that I very much enjoy my career as a real estate agent.  I receive a great deal of satisfaction from the inter-personal, one-on-one interaction with my clients and in helping them find solutions in this real estate market.  My architectural background has been an incredibly valuable asset in my real estate work (and I continue to stay active as an architect, especially as it relates to our communities and neighborhoods).

I’ve been working with Christine Southworth again (a very talented graphic designer who also designed the site for my work as an architect). You’ll find me at! Of course, I blog, too. There is a link on the site for that and other useful information.

Before I close, I’m proud to share with you that I have been named a “Top 500 Real Estate Agent” for 2010-2011! This recognition is an indication of the trust that clients have shown as well as the many referrals that I’ve received.

PS: Be mindful of the great white sharks off of Chatham…